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Greek Women's society celebrates


January 2018

On the 29th of November the Greek Women’s Society of S.A. O "Taxiarchis" Inc held its customary Christmas party luncheon for its members at the Goodwood Community Centre.

The event gave the organization the opportunity to celebrate its 80th Anniversary with its members many of whom have been members and staunch supporters for years.

The official guests who attended were Mrs Mary Mangos a former President of the Society and member since 1937 and Mr. Bil Gonis President of GOCSA.

Mrs Roula Souma extended a warm welcome to all and wished them a pleasant afternoon.

After lunch it was time to cut the cake which had been prepared for the 80th Anniversary. Mrs Chrisoula Heisler former Secretary of the organization for more than 40 years said a few words mentioning the achievements and highlights of the Society during its 80 year history. This was followed by the President Mrs Roula Soumas acknowledging and thanking all the members for their support and contribution over the years. The cake was then cut and served to the members by the members of the Executive Committee.

The free Christmas Lunch has been provided for the Society’s members dating back many years.

The cooking and preparation and the entire organization of the event is carried out by the Executive Committee members as sign of appreciation and recognition for the support received from its members (monetary and in kind) for the Society’s philanthropic work. Its aim is to provide recreation for its members and celebrate the Christmas period sharing Greek customs with the community at large.

The final highlight of the event was the raffle draw which included many prizes all of which had been contributed by the members of organization.

Over the last 80 years, the Greek Women’s Society has collaborated side by side with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia, contributing greatly in furthering the Community’s objectives, programs and stalwartly supporting the Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, after which the Society is named.

It must be noted that the 80th anniversary was also marked at a ceremony held earlier at the cathedral.

To mark the occasion, the President of GOCSA Bill Gonis, Society President Roula Soumas and veteran member Mary Mangos, unvailed a teak bench with a commemorative plaque in the churchyard of the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel " Taxiarchis".


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