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Australian Cypriots remember 1974 tragic events


July 2019

Australian Cypriots will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the tragic events of 1974 in Cyprus. On 15 July 1974, the military junta of Greece, in collaboration with the Cypriot terrorist EOKA B’ organisation staged a military coup to overthrow the legitimate Cypriot Government of President Makarios. Hundreds of supporters of the legitimate government were murdered in the days that followed.

The Coup, gave Turkey the opportunity to invade with a 40,000 strong army, and occupy 1/3 of Cyprus using their air force and 250 tanks on the pretext that they were doing so in order to protect the Turkish Cypriots.

The Justice for Cyprus Coordinating Committee SA (SEKA), in association with the Cyprus Community of SA Inc, once again have organised a series of protests on Sunday 14th of July and Wednesday 17th of July 2019, to mark the 45th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus.

These events are an expression of solidarity and support to the people of Cyprus and a mark of honour and respect to those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy and freedom during the events of 1974.

On Sunday 14th of July at 10.00am there will be a memorial service at the Greek Orthodox Parish of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, 232 Gorge Road, Athelstone, SA, 5076

A wreath ceremony will take place at 1.15pm at the Cyprus Community of SA, 6-8 Barrpowell street, Welland.

On Wednesday 17 July at 7.00pm the Cyprus Community will host a speech on current developments in Cyprus by an official representative of the Republic of Cyprus, accompanied by the High Commissioner of the republic of Cyprus in Canberra, Ms Martha Mavrommatis.

Refreshments and canapés will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to meet and speak with the members of the community and discuss the recent events in Cyprus, in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

For yet another year the Turkish military occupation, forcible division, violation of human rights, massive illegal Turkish settlement, cultural destruction, property usurpation and ethnic segregation imposed since the bloody 1974 invasion remain as the main characteristics of the status quo on the island.

The Justice for Cyprus Committee pledges to continue the efforts to promote a just and viable solution that will end the Turkish military occupation and help to reunite the island and its people.

On 14 July, 10.30am the Greek Orthodox Community of SA will hold a memorial service at the Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Franklin Street, City, for those who died defending democracy in Cyprus on 15 July as well as those who fell during the Turkish invasion.


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