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"SA is taking charge of its energy future"


April 2017

The State Government has unveiled a plan to build a government-owned 250MW gas-fired power plant to provide emergency back-up power for South Australia.

According to a news release sent by the State Government to the Greek Tribune, "South Australian Power for South Australians will ensure more of the State’s power is sourced, generated and controlled in South Australia".

The Government says, the $550 million plan will increase security, boost competition and put downward pressure on prices.

The South Australian Government is:

* Building Australia’s largest battery to store energy from the wind and sun, part of a new Renewable Technology Fund that supports clean, dispatchable and affordable power

* Building a government-owned 250MW gas-fired power plant to provide emergency back-up power and system stability services for South Australians, in the meantime procuring temporary back-up generation if necessary

* Introducing new Ministerial powers to direct the market to operate in the interests of South Australians

* Incentivising increased gas production to ensure more of our State’s gas is sourced and used in South Australia

* Introducing an Energy Security Target to ensure our power system uses more clean, secure energy generated in South Australia

* Using the Government’s purchasing power through its own electricity contract to attract a new power generator, increasing competition in the market

The new gas-fired power plant is budgeted to cost $360 million, $150 million will be committed to the SA Renewable Technology Fund and new PACE grants are worth $24 million.

The plan is expected to create at least 630 new jobs.

"We’re taking charge of our energy future with a plan that will deliver South Australian power for South Australians", Premier Jay Weatherill said.

"South Australians have been let down by a broken national energy market that puts profits before people. We’re going to put people first".

According to Mr Weatherill, the plan will restore security and put downward pressure on prices.

"We’ll get reliable, affordable and clean power and ensure more of the State’s power is sourced, generated and controlled here in South Australia", he said.

Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis added that for too long, South Australian households and businesses have been at the mercy of private companies seeking to maximise their profits and a national operator that manages our grid from Melbourne and Sydney.

"We can’t rely on this broken national market any longer. Our plan will deliver increased local generation and powers to help prevent outages and more competition to put downward pressure on power prices for families and businesses"he concluded.


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