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Morrison’s "miraculous" win


June 2019

The Morrison Government is expected to finish up with a majority government of 78 seats in the 151 member House of Representatives according to the latest prediction by the ABC’s election computer. Labor wins 67 seats in the lower house and there are six "others". This is an unbelievable result, consecutive opinion polls and political commentators failed to predict as they all predicted a reasonably comfortable labor victory.

It has to be pointed out however, that there wasn’t a significant change of the Australian vote since the 2016 election. In fact very few seats changed hands. The Coalition won Bass (a Tasmanian seat which has chosen a new MP at nine of the past 10 elections) and Braddon, a seat it only lost in 2016. It also won Herbert and Longman in Queensland, and Macquarie in NSW. Labor won Corangamite and Dunkley in Victoria, and Gilmore in NSW. That was all that happened! What happened then and how did it happen?

Businessman and former senator Clive Palmer has claimed credit for the Coalition’s election win, saying his scare campaign targeting Bill Shorten was responsible for the swing against Labor.

"Scott Morrison has been returned as Prime Minister and he’s only done so because of the 3.5 per cent vote of United Australia Party," Mr Palmer said.

"That 3.5 per cent gives you a 7 per cent margin in play and that’s been the difference.

"Our ‘Shifty Shorten’ ads across Australia … I think have been very successful in shifting the Labor vote", Clive Palmer said.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said her party’s cause suffered at the hands of the United Australia Party’s (UAP) advertising blitz, with the main objective being to "trash Labor".

"We faced a very cashed-up scare campaign from the UAP," she said.

Factoring into Labor’s defeat were the Liberal Party’s preference deals with UAP and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Mr Morrison came under scrutiny for the deal, but it worked out in the Coalition’s favour.

Votes for UAP and One Nation flowed on to the LNP, bolstering the party’s dominant position in Queensland.

Mr Palmer said this was the plan all along.

He said the goal for the United Australia Party was to ensure the Labor government did not get into power, introducing more than $1 trillion of new taxes - on big corporations.

"This has been achieved", Mr Palmer said.

In the Senate, on a total of 76 Senators, the Greens look like they are on track to have all nine senators returned, giving the party the balance of power in that chamber.


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