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New Emergency Department and Rehab Unit for Riverland


October 2013

Another milestone has been reached in the $36 million re-development of the Riverland General Hospital in Berri.

Health Minister Jack Snelling recently opened the first half of the new Emergency Department (ED) as well as the new Rehabilitation Unit at Riverland General Hospital.

Mr Snelling said the opening of the ED and Rehabilitation Unit would make sure more people in the Riverland were accessing services closer to where they live.

"Riverland patients will benefit from the new, modern ED which includes two new resuscitation bays, three treatment bays, a consulting room, a new reception and new office space.

"There is also a fast-track treatment room for patients coming in with very minor injuries so they can be treated quickly by a nurse.

"A dedicated 24/7 public entrance to the ED means patients will no longer have to access it via the hospital and a dedicated driveway for ambulances has also been built."

Services in the old ED have now been moved across into the new part of the ED. The old ED will now be closed for upgrades with completion due in February 2014.

Mr Snelling said when the old ED is upgraded, the hospitalís completed ED will be around twice the current size, increasing staffís capacity to treat more patients and enabling a more efficient flow of patients through it.

Until the old ED is upgraded one of the two new resuscitation bays and the new office space will be used as treatment bays.

Members of the public wanting to attend the ED should now enter through the new dedicated 24/7 entrance rather than via the front entrance of the hospital.

The new ED entrance is clearly signposted and accessed via the main public car park.

Mr Snelling said the new Rehabilitation Unit was now open to inpatients and would be open to outpatients at the end of September when the unitís car park is completed.

"The new purpose-built Rehab Unit will enable patients to come home earlier from hospital in Adelaide and receive their rehabilitation closer to their friends and families," he said.

"The unit includes new a gym, three treatment bays, five consulting rooms, a group rehabilitation area, an external exercise courtyard and dining and lounge facilities.

"It also includes a special training area with a kitchen, bathroom and laundry to enable patients to re-learn basic tasks, such as preparing meals and washing clothes."

The redevelopment of Riverland General Hospital has also seen one new theatre, a new procedure room and a new Central Sterilisation Department open this year.

Construction of a second theatre and new outpatient consulting suite is well-underway, as is work converting the wards into single bed rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Work on the mental health unit is being finalised.




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